Practice Facility Info


                  Indoor Facility Fees/ GMTC Indoor Practice Plan

GMTC will have organized practice at both UWM's and MSOE's facilities starting Monday, November 30 until Wednesday, March 3. We will have organized practice recommended primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Thursdays as an additional option for sprinters and field event competitors.  Below is the breakdown of the plan at each facility...

UWM's Klotsche Center --


  •  Free for UWM students
  •  $10 daily, but only as a guest of a student or UWM staff (cash, credit, or check is accepted)
  •   No community memberships are offered
  •   If you need to get in as a guest:
            • Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than the posted practice time to fill out mandatory paperwork (just a short "hold harmless form")
            1. You must let Ken know at least a day in advance if you are attending practice at the Klotsche Center so he can arrange for a student to get you in as a guest.  Don't be late!!  Nobody will come down to get you and you will not be able to get in.


  • We cannot use spikes or any of the equipment (such as the hurdles, jumping pit, mats, etc.)
  • We will provide some of our own equipment, but for the most part, UWM’s track will be used for our interval running workouts 
  • We also must be aware and cordial to the intramural teams that will be in the arena as well (for example, don't rudely yell "track" and/or any obscenities at anyone walking across the track. Whoever is leading the practice speak with the leader of those teams to work out compromises)
  • If we violate any of these rules, the Klotsche Center directors will see to it that we're not allowed on the track again

When We'll Practice at UWM:

  • Every Monday will be a recommended interval day for everyone (long intervals for sprinters/field, and short intervals for distance runners). 
  • Wednesdays
  • – Recommended for all distance runners (recommended long intervals), and optional for sprinters and field event competitors (recommended resistance training)

MSOE's Kern Center --


  • Free for MSOE students
  • $10 daily, no student required
  • $5 is if you do come as a guest of an MSOE student 
  • Only cash is accepted for the daily pass!
  • Community memberships are available yearly at $496, and you can pay in 4x3 month increments of $124


  • We do have the flexibility to use spikes, hurdles, and the lower level for jumping and throwing
  • You must come to practice before 6 PM. Some of our club members are coaches for MSOE's team, so our team can practice during the time MSOE reserves the track (between 4:30-6 PM)
  • If you do attend, you must check in with Lynda, who's our club assistant coordinator and also MSOE's assistant coach

When We'll Practice at MSOE:

  • We will never do interval workouts on this track (only 160 m. track).  Distance runners should not come to MSOE! 
  • Wednesdays:
  • can also be used in lieu of UWM for sprinters and field event competitors– but keep in mind that Ken will not be there
  • Thursdays:
  • are recommended for sprinters and field event competitors, and Ken will officially start our practice at 5:15 PM! 
  • If you arrive later than 5:15 PM, that's fine, but field events need to be done by 6:00 due to intramurals at MSOE