Nikki Doxtator

Name: Nikki Doxtator

Date of birth: 12/25/1987

High school/Hometown: Brillion High School

College/University: UW-Milwaukee

Track events: Mile

Personal bests: 6:15

Most memorable athletic achievement: Every time I'm able to run a little bit fast than I could before.

Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge

Hobbies/Interests: Running (obviously), Alpha Kappa Psi (co-ed business fraternity), dancing, fashion, and just hanging out with friends.

Favorite Quote: Running is escaping from reality. It's the only place where you and you alone control how fast or how slow the world moves around you. Do I run for fun? No, I run to live. Why would I stop running? That's like asking me to stop breathing. It's the only place where things make sense.