The Greater Milwaukee Track Club has one major fundraiser throughout the summer months each year.  Our club volunteers time to Miller Park and the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for money donated to our club.  The club council picks 12-15 Brewer games to sell concessions at during the baseball season.  This is the source of 90% of the money the club makes each year.  It enables us to cover meet fees, travel and hotel fees, fitness center  memberships ,and equipment to those who have earned it.  

Working the fundraiser is a two step process.  

Step one is becoming trained to work the games.  Each member must attend a 2-hour training at Miller Park before they are able to work a game.  

Step two is to sign up for available games.  The club council picks 12-15 games that start in April and go through September (2-3/month on average).  Most games are on Sundays with a few night games during the week.  

Each time you work a game you earn  point(s) towards the fundrasing perks.

Findraising perks will be reconsidered each season. 

Returning members of the Greater Milwaukee Track Club are encouraged to participate in the fundraiser.  The club will only cover those returning members who have helped out with the fundraisers.