Derek Rubis
Name: Derek Rubis

Date of birth: 3/13/80

High school/Hometown: Waukesha North/Waukesha

College/University: Carroll College

Track events: Indoor-3K & 5K, Outdoors-Steeplechase, 5K & 10K

Personal bests: 3K-11:05, 5K-19:28, Steeplechase-11:45, 10K - 40:40

Most memorable athletic achievement:
Getting sub 19 in the 5k.

Favorite movie: Run Reckless, about Steeplechaser Anthony Famiglietti

Hobbies/Interests: Distance running, watching old TV shows and old movies.
Favorite Quote: "You can let things destroy you and lead to self detruction or you can destory the things that keep you from fulfilling your true potential"-Pro Steeplechase Anthony Famiglietti from the Running DVD "Run Reckless"